Want to improve your posture & live pain free? Mindful Pilates will help you.

24/7 Mindful Movements Guidance, Right in Your Mobile or Laptop. 14-day free trial.

  • Customised pilates mat tutorials to enhance your posture and relieve chronic pains (safe for your neck and lower back)
  • Customised gentle yoga stretches & mindfulness practices to relieve tensions
  • Easy communications with instructor to clarify doubts in practice.
  • Monthly mini challenges to help you stay motivated and consistent in practice.
  • Meet like minded people who practise mindful movements to get stronger and live pain free
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You will be guided specifically on pilates movements and sequences that will be safe and effective for your body. Avoid straining yourself in the regular classes for the masses. Every body is different. Learn more about your strengths and weaknesses in your body as we move towards better posture.


Your body needs the balance of strengthening and stretching to stay healthy and strong. Gentle yoga stretches that will release your physical and mental tensions. We are bringing in diaphragmatic breathing and relaxation (with auto suggestions) practices onto our pilates mat. This are both an ancient and scientifically proven methods that will bring more balance to you, physically and mentally. Balance is the key to great health.


We do not want you to just be watching recorded video tutorials and doubt if you are practising correctly. Your progress is very important to us. This is not a work out but a mind body system that will help you enhance your spinal health. We want to have conversations with you when you embark on this journey with us. The live coachings will give you opportunities to ask questions about your practice, when in doubt. You can also participate in live group workshops and meet other like minded people.

What our students say

"I have been suffering from strong tensions in neck and shoulders for a very long time. Carol helped me in creating body awareness and taught me how to release stress and body tensions. She is an excellent and very experienced teacher! "

- Nicole Hoeger

"I have spinal fusion at the L4/5 vertebra and have chronic lower back pain. During the pilates course by Carol , I learnt the importance of connecting my breath to my core muscles which ultimately supports my spine. I function better in my daily routine after attending the course"

- Michelle

"I suffered from frozen shoulder. I went through chiropractor and TCM (traditional chinese medicine) treatments for a period of time but couldn't heal. I chanced upon Carol from her facebook post and signed up. I can now raise my arm almost 100 percent, after attending regularly in the pilates course conducted by Carol."

- Cheng Keong


You don't need to wait for your schedule to magically align with a pilates/yoga class or an instructor. Join the membership today and start your practice — if you do not resonate with the practice, you can cancel anytime. You are given 14-day free trial to explore the mindful pilates courses. Join us now.

What Ompulence wants for you?

We believe practice should be consistent and precise but nourishing at the same.
This will guide you to have a better posture and feel stronger very soon.

We don't believe in NO PAIN, NO GAIN and honestly, there is no quick fix for a healthy spine. We believe in helping you understand your body through the movements, understand your strength and weaknesses. When we have a better understanding, we will know the value of keeping our spines healthy and not wait for a situation that will cause discomfort or pain. Once we feel stronger from within, we will feel more motivated and inspired to practise regularly, week after week, month after month for a long time.

Simply put, we believe in giving you the key to live strongly and pain free so that you can do the things you love in life.


When you open up the membership app for the first time which you can access on your phone or laptop, you'll find different topics and methods designed to transform your lifestyle.

Pilates Online Courses

We will be uploading different pilates mat courses (ongoing) that targets different postural and chronic pains matters. These tutorials are progressive and will help you to start safe and precise in your movements. There will also be courses that are higher level (later this year) to help you to become stronger.

Yoga Stretches & Relaxation

Yoga stretches and relaxation workshops will also be shared to hep you to balance your practice. If you have very tight muscles, especially back, hamstrings or hip flexors, these workshops will help you to release tensions.

Mindfulness Practices

Mindfulness practices will go beyond your mat. Times when you are eating, working, walking and talking. We want to learn how to be more present and mindful when we are going about in our busy activities. These informations will be shared in the membership.

Live Coaching

You can choose to go live with the scheduled time or you can drop us a message and we will answer them live or share in a recorded tutorial. Live coaching can be fluid. It can be a live zoom class or an hour spent discussing a topic or learning a new mindful practice, according to your needs.

Informational Articles & Interviews

Just like a regular course, we want to support you with additional information on anatomy or information that are important for your practice. This will help you to understand better about the root of your problems. Experts will also be invited in future to share their knowledge.

Monthly Mini Challenge

Monthly mini challenge like writing a short practice journal, 5-day challenge of plank or hundreds or 5-day challenge of mindful walking, etc. These are just mini challenges to help us to progress.


You're never alone when you're part of a transformational practice. Access messaging, forums, and meet ups from within the app. We can support each other virtually or meet the community one day, when we organise the next mindful movement retreat.

Membership Plans

We know everyone is starting this journey from different places. Whether you’re a absolute beginner or have practised previously, it is always good to understand the fundamentals fully and choose a course or tutorials to follow that will help you articulate your spine, strengthen deep core muscles and enhance your spinal health.

The key here is consistency and precision in your pilates practice. This will help you attain your goal of better posture and chronic pain relief. This is a holistic approach where we include the mindfulness practice to help ease tensions in the body and mind.

Monthly Subscription

Whether you’ve taken an exercise or pilates hiatus or are starting for the first time, this plan is built for people who want to ease into the mindful pilates practice with other holistic practices to build inner core strength and improve posture. Movements are safe and effective.

  • Online Courses
  • Monthly Live Coachings (twice a month)
  • Monthly Mini Challenge
  • Weekly posts on topics related to the practice
  • Access to new course uploads
  • Free one on one 30 mins consultation via zoom

US$47/month (Usual price)

US$37/ month (promo)
(when you sign up right after 14-day trial period)

*no need to submit credit card details for trial

Annual Subscription

Practise regularly and looking for something that will truly help and motivate you . These tutorials in the courses are going to help you to improve your spinal alignments and trunk stability. You’ll see improvements in your posture and feel better.

  • Online Courses
  • Monthly Live Coachings (twice a month)
  • Monthly Mini Challenge
  • Weekly posts on topics related to the practice
  • Access to new course uploads
  • 2 x free one on one 30 mins consultation via zoom (within 12 months)

US$470/year (Usual price)

US$370/ year (promo)
(save US$100 when you sign up right after trial period)

* no need to submit credit card details during trial

Meet Carol
(Founder of Ompulence)

I have been teaching pilates matwork and movements for 20 years. My students include mothers, working adults, university students to dancers, athletes who many suffer from back pain, especially lower back pain.

I am also a mindfulness and meditation practitioner. I gained much benefits in finding balance, in a fast moving city like Singapore. I have been teaching classical yoga full time for 10 years. I understand how the thought waves in our minds can cause much stress in the body, besides a faulty posture or an injury. With this experience and knowledge, I guide my students in mindful breathing and mindful movements, which led them to a pain free life. (sharing some of their experiences with you, below).

I have been teaching an elective course on pilates and yoga, at a local university, for the past 7 years. I am very familiar on how a progressive course can help students improve their practice. I want to share this with you in this membership.

I now dedicate my time to helping people who want to heal holistically and are willing to put in a bit of time weekly, which will guid them to have a healthy spine and a pain free life!

See you on the mat ... real soon.

Kick start a sustainable holistic movement practice today that will help you for a life time

A monthly membership may be exactly what you need to take control of your spinal and mental health