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Stretch effectively and release tension in back and hamstrings.

Starting from 22nd November 2022

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Namaste, I am Carol (Saraswati)

I have been teaching movements for 20 years. Many people stretch the wrong way by focusing on touching their toes. They round their backs and squeeze their shoulders, just to reach further with their hands. This will cause more tension and you do not increase your flexibility and mobility over time

If you are one of them, stop stretching this way.

I will guide you in a gentle yoga stretch (with modifications) that will help you to stretch effectively and tension free.

Different people have different degrees of tightness in the body. You can ask yourself these 3 different questions:

- can I sit straight on the floor with my knees stretched out in front (toes pointing upwards)?

- Can I sit straight on the floor with my legs crossed?

- How long can I sit straight on the floor with my legs crossed?

The above answers will indicate the different levels of flexibility.

You will be guided on how to release tension, improve breathing to relax body and stretch your back & hamstrings with simple props like a towel or yoga belt and block.

Frequency is an important factor in improving on your flexibility. You need to stretch properly with the correct method so that you will see result in the weeks ahead. If not, you will see very little or no result at all.

Practise in the comfort of your home. What will you be learning?

  • You will learn how to warm up properly before you stretch
  • Follow the proven and customised method of stretching for people with tight back and hamstrings
  • Learn how to use simple props at home to help you stretch effectively
  • Follow the video tutorials and practise in the comfort of your home and at your convenient time 

How does it work?

Proper Breathing

Learn the proper way of breathing so that you can relieve tension and stretch safely and effectively.

Proper Alignment

Have a good understanding of your spine, body, muscles and joints. If you practise with the wrong alignment, you will put strains in body and may even injure yourself.

Holding duration

Learn how to hold in the posture with proper breathing and good alignment. You must be able to breathe comfortably when you are holding. You will be guided to take long deep breaths.

Mind and Body


The goal of yoga practice is to bring balance to the mind, body and spirit. Observe your mind when you are practising. You will be guided to do relaxation for the mind before starting your practice.

OWhat our students


"I've been suffering from strong tensions in neck and shoulders for a very long time...Carol helped me in creating body awareness and taught me how proper breathing helps to release stress and body tensions. "

- Nicole

"When I started practising yoga and pilates with Carol, 3 years ago, I had severe lower back pain from mild scoliosis. I have since improved my posture and feel more connected to my body than I have ever been"

- Balan

" I learned from her to love my body more, to see it not as static but keenly connected to the mind and the ups and downs we go through. Carol's practice has been invaluable in helping me experience first hand the importance of self-acceptance."

- Theresa

" I think I have found another part of me through yoga- a more peaceful, more calm version of myself and it really helps my mental health a lot. So thank you for being on this journey with me."

- Peijun


  • Gain access to 3 video tutorials on how to improve core strength safely that will help prevent back pain and enhance spinal health (valued at US $97)
  • Gain access to our live online yoga workshop on 26th December. (Valued at US$30) Recording will be sent to you if you cannot attend live.

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US$27 US$47

Stretch effectively and release tension in back and hamstrings

Starting from 22nd November 2022

Register now and save US$20

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Will this course really help me improve my flexibility in back and hamstrings?

Yes it will because there is a sequence to follow to improve your flexibility. Many of my students have tried this method and felt the change. The rate of change will be based on your understanding of the fundamentals and your frequency of practice. Most importantly, this online course is customised for people who have these problems.

How is this course different from others?

It is not about the stretch only. As mentioned earlier, there is a sequence to the practice that you will follow. We need to learn how to release tension first before starting the yoga stretches. This is a mind and body practice. The other elements of the method are mindfulness practices like proper breathing and proper relaxation. This will help to relax the mind. A busy mind will continue to contribute to more tensions physically.

How do I access this online course?

You can watch the video tutorials from 22nd Sep 2022 (Singapore Time) on our website (Members' Access). There are a total of 3 video tutorials and bonus videos (if you sign up within the promotional period).

Should you have any questions, you can email us any time.

What if I don't like the course after buying it? Can I get a refund?

Go through the video tutorials and start practising. If you find yourself not learning anything from this tutorial and you want your money back, send an email to , request for a refund within 3 days of purchase. With no questions asked, you’ll get your money back.